Pacemaker Implantation

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What is a pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a tiny device with two parts - a generator and wires (leads, or electrodes), that are placed under the skin in your chest to help control your heartbeat. A pacemaker is required for a variety of reasons - mostly to treat a group of conditions called arrhythmias, in which the heart's rhythm and rate is abnormal. Pacemaker implantation is often necessary when the heart rate is so slow that the patient feels light headed or has blackouts.

Pacemakers are implanted to control your heartbeat. They can either be implanted temporarily to treat a slow heartbeat, after a heart attack or heart surgery, or permanently to correct a slow heartbeat or to help treat heart failure

Top Hospitals for Pacemaker Implantation

Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road in bangalore
Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road

154/11, Opp IIM, Bannerghatta Road Bangalore - 560076 (India)

7 Doctors

Multi Speciality

269 Beds

Most Patient Recommended Hospital

Apollo Hospitals, Sheshadripuram in bangalore
Apollo Hospitals, Sheshadripuram

No 1, 17 & 18 Platform Rd, Sheshadripuram, Near Swathi Hotel, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560020

1 Doctors

Multi Speciality

200 Beds

Most Patient Recommended Hospital


Most Patient Recommended Hospital

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