Bone Cancer

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What is Bone Cancer?

Bone cancer refers to tumor formation in the bone as a result of uncontrolled cell growth, thereby destroying the healthy bone tissue.

Types of Bone Cancer:

Primary Bone Cancer: Primary bone cancers are malignant tumor which means they are  the most serious of all bone cancers. They form directly in the bones or surrounding tissue, such as cartilage.

Stages of Bone Cancer:

The stage of bone cancer determines how much cancer is present in the body. It helps an oncologist to find the best way to treat bone cancer. 

  • Stage1: The cancer is not in an aggressive state and hasn’t spread from the bone. 
  • Stage2: When the cancer is in a more aggressive state than in stage1.
  • Stage 3: Tumors exist in at least two places in the same bone.
  • Stage 4: When the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms of Bone cancer are:

  • pain and swelling in the affected bones
  • palpable hard mass in the long bones of the limbs
  • feeling tired or fatigued
  • Rapid weight loss

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Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road

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